As a platform for web design and development, PHP is the most powerful and flexible and at the same time, easy and simple to understand and learn. PHP web development platform is designed in a way for accommodating all kinds of business expansions in an efficient manner. PHP frameworks are effortless to use and are available easily in the market and these include CakePHP, Symfony Framework and Zend Framework. These frameworks for PHP also enable developers to design standard codes. PHP is essentially an open-source framework and backed up by a large online-based community. A beginner in PHP website development can effortlessly come across multiple PHP tutorials and programming guides on world wide web.

There are many different technologies available for web development. However, PHP easily takes the lead when it comes to developing and designing a website from scratch. The open-source programming language is effective for creating dynamic and engaging web pages for delivering inclusive interactive to all the users.

With PHP applications, developers even find it extremely easy to embed HTML codes into the applications and these can also be integrated easily into different databases like MySQL . PHP is cross-browser friendly and smoothly works in any kind of operating system, be it Windows, Linux or Mac. A lot of its syntax is derived from C++ which makes it uncomplicated to understand to the developers.

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